San Diego State Aztec Football and UCLA Rivalry About

The Different Types of Football Fans

Football fans, as the cliché says, can come in different shapes and sizes. Some can be too much of a fanatic donning outfits. Some could come with all the necessary game watching gizmos that make them stand out as a fan. While others would rather quietly watch assessing every move of their team.

Websites dedicated to football fanatics have come out with various articles on this. Some could be relatable, others entertaining to read.

The website Managing Madrid came up with an article like that and named seven kinds of fanatics. The “Hometown Purist” made it to their list. UCLA vs USC Football Tickets

San Diego State Aztec Football and UCLA Rivalry About

“The game and their loyalty has nothing to do with wins, losses, talent, TV rights, kit sales, or anything for that matter other than the fact that their club is an integral part of the culture and life of the city in which they were born and raised. They will cry with heartache when their team suffers a tragic loss. They will cry with joy when their team finally wins the local tourney. And through all the tears they pledge their undying support for every player of their club through every single minute of every single match of every single season.”

Read more about the hometown purist here.

Hardcore Football Fanatic

The Bold Italic also has an article on the seven types of football fan a person can meet. SDSU football tickets

Hardcore fanatic made it on top of their list. Here’s their description: “He’s the one with the Raiders tattoo. He goes to every home game because his family has had season tickets … for like 20 years. The games he doesn’t attend are spent staring fixedly at one of the TVs in the Phoenix, Kezar Pub, or Columbus Cafe. No matter where he catches the game, though, the only utterances from his mouth are screams of triumph, wails of heartbreak, and distracted mutters of, ‘One more Anchor Steam, please.’ If the Raiders win he’s the best person in the world to hang out with because he’ll buy everyone drinks all night long. But when they lose, he’s inconsolable and is best left to go home and cry a little on his black and white pillow.”

Check out the other types of fanatics they have described in their article here.

Dream Team FC has its own version of types of football fans. The orchestrator is part of their list of football fans that can be seen in every game match.

“The Orchestrator – What’s football without a sing song? Usually found at the back of every stand, these guys spend their week coming up with anthems, ready to release them at the weekend. Responsible for smash hits ‘You’re getting sacked in the morning’ and ‘What a load of rubbish.’”

Take a look at the whole article here.

Watching football is definitely fun especially when one is watching along with other fans.

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