Tasting the Best Pies in San Diego

San Diego is teeming with talent when it comes to cooking, and it even has a longer history of culinary traditions. Pie-making is one of the many great culinary traditions in and around San Diego, and what is great about this is that many restaurants and food outlets serve such gourmet find.

The website Eater San Diego came up with a list of 12 best Pie Shops to check out when in San Diego, CA. “From flaky, double baked pastry filled with fluffy cream to fruit pies festooned with seasonal spices like cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg (and of course topped with cream or served a la mode) – one thing’s for sure, one slice of pie is never usually quite enough. Here, for Sweets Week, are a dozen essential San Diego Pie shops and purveyors with some of the best ‘fresh from the oven like grandma used to make’ creations.” Read their whole list here.

NBC San Diego meantime came up with its own list, this time focusing solely on Holiday Pies. Peace Pies over at Point Loma made it to their list. “If you have vegan family or friends opting for tofu over turkey, make sure they can dig into dessert without hesitation. The pies baked at this raw, gluten free and organic facility are 100-percent free of animal products. The “alive” apple or the cosmic coconut is sure to please and their cheesecakes vary in flavors, but not in satisfaction. Reach out to reserve yours in advance.” Print out their whole list from here.

The website San Diego Family also came up with its own list of Holiday Pie Shops that should be patronized when in San Diego. Elizabethan Desserts in Encenitas is part of their list. “Offering everything from a Mississippi mud pie to a classic pecan pie, Elizabethan Desserts offers a pie to delight every dessert seeker.” Check out San Diego Family’s whole list here.

The San Diego Magazine fort its part published an online article on the best shops to order Thanksgiving Pies from. Sugar and Scribe Bakery is part of their top three places to order pies from. “Mother and daughter often work together on a variety of Irish pastries and breads. Schulz so loves pies, though, that they’re what she served at her wedding instead of a wedding cake. She uses Irish cream flour—a cake flour mixed with some all-purpose—for some of her pies, along with butter and a butter blend with a smidge of sugar. Try her pecan pie, which is nothing like the cloying sweet versions you often find. Instead it’s infused with warmth, thanks to a touch of brandy and brown sugar, and just slightly crunchy. The apple pie is filled with very thin slices of apples with a top crust simply folded over and pleated from the bottom.” Know about the two other pie shops mentioned in the article here.

Finding a great pie is definitely piece of cake when in San Diego, CA!

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