When should you consider installing additional Lighting in your home

Installing Additional Lighting

When Existing Lights are not Enough

Additional lighting is usually eyed by a homeowner who feels that his home is too dim for comfort. Installing additional lights though is not as easy as it seems because there are some requirements to meet before one can have more lights inside his or her home.

So when should you consider installing additional lighting in your home?

The answer is simple – when you feel that your home is too dim for comfort, then additional lights are in order. If one needs additional lighting outside the home to ensure security and provide convenience then that means additional lighting is needed.

When should you consider installing additional Lighting in your home

When the lights are not enough

For outdoor additional lighting Service Ratings Website Angie’s List said that professionals should always be tapped to ensure a good and safe installation.

“If you want to install ambient or security lighting in the outdoors, you should call in an electrician. An electrical contractor can help you thread wiring to the outside if there was none before. He or she will ensure that the wiring is properly grounded for the outdoors. In addition, an electrician San Diego can help you choose lighting that’s rated for the outdoors so it will withstand the elements.”

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Additional Lights via DIY

The Family Handyman however says additional interior lights can be installed via the Do-It-Yourself route. This point was emphasized as the website published a DIY guide on installing additional lighting.

“This project requires an understanding of how a switch is wired and a few basic tools. You’ll need a noncontact voltage detector, a wire-stripping tool, a screwdriver and a drywall saw. Then, with our instructions and a few hours’ work, you’ll be able to add a sconce to any room that has an appropriate switch.”

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More Info on Additional Lighting Needs

The Australian Government meanwhile published a comprehensive information sheet on lighting a home.

“When considering lighting a space, work on points of interest within. The human eye is attracted to bright objects and accordingly should be rewarded with something of interest. By contrast, dark areas are of limited attraction but serve to accentuate (by contrast) the brighter objects of interest. Use highlights (about 10 times the ambient light level) to draw attention to key objects or spaces in a room, or for lighting specific tasks. Carefully select features to highlight (e.g. artwork, sculptures, and furniture items) and use the minimum effective highlight level so you don’t waste energy.”

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Installing additional lighting is best undertaken by a licensed professional electrician Chula Vista.

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